Uniform Task-Based Management System (UTBMS) Codes

UTBMS codes are designed to standardize legal billing tasks. UTBMS codes are generally used with the Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard (LEDES) format invoices. Some corporate clients require attorneys and law firms to submit invoices in the LEDES format. LEDES and UTBMS codes are generally not required by individual clients. Invoices in the PDF format are generally preferred by most clients. CaseFox Legal and LEDES Billing Software offers preconfigured ABA UTBMS codes. Additionally, CaseFox offers custom task and activity codes that allows users to create their own code groups. CaseFox also offers time entry validation according to preconfigured rules for Task-Activity code pairs.

A100 Activities

A101 Plan and prepare for
A102 Research
A103 Draft/revise
A104 Review/analyze
A105 Communicate (in firm)
A106 Communicate (with client)
A107 Communicate (other outside counsel)
A108 Communicate (other external)
A109 Appear for/attend
A110 Manage data/files
A111 Other

B100 Administration

B110 Case Administration
B120 Asset Analysis and Recovery
B130 Asset Disposition
B140 Relief from Stay/Adequate Protection Proceedings
B150 Meetings of and Communications with Creditors
B160 Fee/Employment Applications
B170 Fee/Employment Objections
B180 Avoidance Action Analysis
B185 Assumption/Rejection of Leases and Contracts
B190 Other Contested Matters (excluding assumption/rejection motions)
B195 Non-Working Travel

B200 Operations

B210 Business Operations
B220 Employee Benefits/Pensions
B230 Financing/Cash Collections
B240 Tax Issues
B250 Real Estate
B260 Board of Directors Matters

B300 Claims and Plan

B310 Claims Administration and Objections
B320 Plan and Disclosure Statement

B400 Bankruptcy-Related Advice

B410 General Bankruptcy Advice/Opinions
B420 Restructuring


C100 Fact Gathering
C200 Researching Law
C300 Analysis and Advice
C400 Third Party Communication

E100 Expenses

E101 Copying
E102 Outside printing
E103 Word processing
E104 Facsimile
E105 Telephone
E106 Online research
E107 Delivery services/messengers
E108 Postage
E109 Local travel
E110 Out-of-town travel
E111 Meals
E112 Court Fees
E113 Subpoena fees
E114 Witness fees
E115 Deposition transcripts
E116 Trial transcripts
E117 Trial exhibits
E118 Litigation support vendors
E119 Experts
E120 Private investigators
E121 Arbitrators/mediators
E122 Local counsel
E123 Other professionals
E124 Other

L100 Case Assessment, Development and Administration

L110 Fact Investigation/Development
L120 Analysis/Strategy
L130 Experts/Consultants
L140 Document/File Management
L150 Budgeting
L160 Settlement/Non-Binding ADR
L190 Other Case Assessment, Development and Administration

L200 Pre-Trial Pleadings and Motions

L210 Pleadings
L220 Preliminary Injunctions/Provisional Remedies
L230 Court Mandated Conferences
L240 Dispositive Motions
L250 Other Written Motions/Submissions
L260 Class Action Certification and Notice

L300 Discovery

L310 Written Discovery
L320 Document Production
L330 Depositions
L340 Expert Discovery
L350 Discovery Motions
L390 Other Discovery

L400 Trial Preparation and Trial

L410 Fact Witnesses
L420 Expert Witnesses
L430 Written Motions/Submissions
L440 Other Trial Preparation and Support
L450 Trial and Hearing Attendance
L460 Post-Trial Motions and Submissions
L470 Enforcement

L500 Appeal

L510 Appellate Motions and Submissions
L520 Appellate Briefs
L530 Oral Argument

P100 Project Administration

P200 Fact Gathering/Due Diligence
P210 Corporate Review
P220 Tax
P230 Environmental
P240 Real and Personal Property
P250 Employee/Labor
P260 Intellectual Property
P270 Regulatory Reviews
P280 Other
P300 Structure/Strategy/Analysis
P400 Initial Document Preparation/Filing
P500 Negotiation/Revision/Responses
P600 Completion/Closing
P700 Post-Completion/Post-Closing
P800 Maintenance and Renewal